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“I am thrilled with Marilyn’s performance as our PR consultant.  Marilyn has the unique capacity to see things from a global perspective while producing true, real results.”   

Tim Riley, Managing Director
Body Bar Systems

"Every PR company should learn from Marilyn if they want to succeed. Its amazing how one person can perform all these tasks courteously and efficiently, while some of the bigger PR firms fail to do so. I have dealt with many PR firms in the past, who either had significantly delayed emails, didn’t know anything about their client or their client’s product, or represented their client’s product in an unheard-of way. I was amazed at how promptly Marilyn replied to my messages and answered all of my questions. Those big PR firms are not worth your time and money. Kroner communications is the way to go. I would recommend Marilyn to anyone looking for a good experience with a PR firm."

Jonathan Yaniv in The Technology Reviewer

“Working with Marilyn Kroner of Kroner Communications has delivered astounding results to Exhibit Surveys and our overall marketing strategy. We have seen positive outcomes with all of the activities she has done for our organization including updating our corporate image, logo and sales collateral, along with increasing our PR reach and developing Exhibit Survey’s new advertising campaign and corporate messaging. It’s such an asset working with a vendor who truly understands the complexities of the exhibition and event industry. We look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.”

Joe Federbush, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

“Marilyn is the ultimate communications executive.  Marilyn has worked with me effectively in both established corporations (Quantum Corp.) and also emerging companies (Benchmark Storage Innovations, Rebit).    She is incredibly organized, creative and expert at leveraging resources to provide maximum value.  I have found her work to be thorough and objective-oriented, and saw first-hand how she contributed to the successes of multiple endeavors.  That's why I selected Kroner Communications to help market the "Ridiculously Simple Backup™" solutions offered by Rebit Inc.”

Charlene Murphy, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Rebit Inc.

“Kroner Communications has made a meaningful and measurable difference in our company’s PR efforts.  From strategic trade communications to announcement execution, Kroner is a true asset to our team.”

Justin Havlick, President & CEO