Message Development – Consistency is key when communicating your company, brand, and products to your target audience(s). Marilyn will work with you to develop the right messaging for your prospects.

Advertising – Integrate key messages into print or online advertising.  Marilyn will work with your agency or let you chose from her own stellar team of subcontractors to design an ad that will work for your company.

Collateral development – Collateral material is a key communications and sales tool whether it is used in print or online.  She will write copy and work with your designer or let you chose from one of her experienced subcontractor partners to develop only the collaterals you need, from capability brochures to data sheets.

Public Relations – No matter what your budget, public relations is an integral and inexpensive way to reach your audience. Let Marilyn help you achieve local and national exposure, through press reach, awards, product reviews, and testimonials – all tracked to measure success. Marilyn will write your press releases, media advisories, plan your press tours (face-to-face and virtual), write testimonials, and communicate regularly with your key editors and analysts.

Social Media Marketing - True integrated marketing communications must incorporate key messaging into social media platforms. Several of Kroner Communications’ clients are utilizing Marilyn’s social media experience to generate more business exposure, increase web site traffic, and provide marketplace insight.

Trade shows – If you think that trade show results are not measurable; you have come to the right place to dispel that notion.  Let Marilyn help you research and chose the right shows, develop the integrated strategy for your booth and face-to-face marketing experience, handle all of the show logistics, train your staff, and measure your results. 

Web site marketing – Is your key messaging reflected on your web site?  What is missing?  Can you track the level of web site visits against your communications initiatives?  Let Kroner Communications help. 

Writing – Let Kroner Communications help with your writing projects for concise communication and clear messaging.