What does an audit look like?

Basically, a trade show audit will start with a statement of number verification methodology that looks much like this:

Note that the results are categorized, so you know how many of the attendees were exhibitors, conference attendees, speakers, press, etc.  This is useful information because you can extract the numbers that apply to your business objectives and use them for planning purposes.

Many audits include the job function of the attendees.

This data is valuable because you can further hone down your target attendees based on job function. For example, if you were marketing a product or service that targeted IT/MIS Management/Directors, you would know what percentage of the total audience is your primary target.

Many of you work for companies that market products and services to customer companies of a specific size, based on the number of employees.  Many audits include data that classifies attendance by company size:

Show selection is the most strategic decision that you will make. The audit, especially when combined with independent attendee research data, provides other benefits that will help you plan and maximize performance.  An audit with independent research will help you:

  • Obtain investment levels justified to reach your targets.
  • Determine what products/solutions to exhibit and emphasize.
  • Understand how best to meet attendee needs and align messaging.
  • Justify to senior management the importance of exhibiting at a particular show.
  • Develop show strategy and realistic objectives.

Ask for the Audit

The reason many show organizers do not obtain certified audits is because exhibitors don’t ask for them. As such, show organizers assume that the information must not be important. Now that you know how valuable audits are to your trade show program, remember to ask for the audit! 

Don’t be shy about contacting the top executives of the show management or event organizer company. They typically welcome and appreciate customer feedback. And just as importantly, remember to take the time to call these folks and thank them when they do provide a certified audit.  They need and want to know that you are informed and that you care! 

About the Exhibition & Event Industry Audit Council (EEIAC)

The Exhibition & Event Industry Audit Council (EEIAC) is an independent organization composed of exhibitor and event organizer personnel who are charged with monitoring a consistent set of event audit standards which independent auditors must follow in order to have their audits certified.

More Information About Audits

Please visit the EEIAC web site:  www.exhibitionaudits.org

Download Sample Audit (pdf)